Monday, 19 September 2011

The Graves Music | Diggin The Graves

My favorite new band The Graves (@TheGraves) website goes live tonight (Mon 19.Sept.2011 at 00.01 EDT -4UTC) with the debut of the music video for "Beach Song" at the link above. Unique and well written songs by brothers Sean, Chris and Kevin Graves make this band's songs infectious so you've been warned if you get hooked! The detail devoted to recording is refreshing to me. Months spent in studio (Eddie Ponce as 1st engineer at The Den Recorders) have resulted in the sound soon to mastered to red-book audio for CD and as iTunes codec. Their mastery of music video is encouraging as well especially in the highly original and beautiful video for "So Soon" (Directed, shot and edited by Christian Fortune @christian4tune). So overall I'm definitely staying up tonight to get first look at the "Beach Song" music video which will showcase all this hard work coming together. Advice: You should join in with me.