Thursday, 30 October 2008

Election Night 2008 (US) With Dan Rather On HDNET

My personal plans for next Tuesday night are to watch the election night return on HDNET. Dan Rather Reports hosts the coverage with my personal favorite "number's person" Nate Silver of I'm probably showing my age but I trust Dan Rather SO much more than ANY major network news or even second tier cable network. CBS made a HUGE mistake imo when they dumped Mr. Rather for Katie Couric. Take a glace at the video preview below to get a sense of why I'll be viewing HDNET in this crucial time when the US selection of our 44th president is counted and made known to a very anxious nation and world.

North Carolina PLEASE Elect Kay Hagan

Kay Hagan has been and in the role of junior US Senator from North Carolina she will continue to truly serve the state's PEOPLE, not the REPUBLICAN party machine. Senator Elizabeth Dole doesn't even have her primary residence in NC, she lives in the Watergate Hotel in the DC area. She is neither a native of or truly seems to be very interested in the state of NC except now as she has begun to desperately revive a re-election she until very recently believed she could coast to. Now her desperation has gone truly over the top. Please watch the following advert for Ms. Hagan and vote for her on or before next Tuesday.

Friday, 17 October 2008

McCain's Health Care Plan

Be AFRAID be VERY AFRAID should this guy EVER become president of the US: